Frequently Asked Questions

It’s the link between Bart and the Oakland Sporting Venues.  We see it, metaphorically, as the bridge between the people and team. 


It’s a place to sell and shop for fan-made clothing, i.e., products made by the fans, rather than by the teams.


Nothing on this site is licensed. These are all designs made by the fans. If a trademarked logo ever appears on this site, it is either a parody or else it is a licensed product that has been repurposed, like a patch or a shirt.


Contact Bart Bridge and someone will reply to you.


Most shirts are unisex american apparel. But feel free to write to the maker of the piece if you have specific questions. As for repurposed clothing, some have no size label, so the maker in that instance guesstimates. Again, feel free to write to the maker.


Just go to contact, add the makers name, and write your question.


Yes, up to one month from purchase date.

Most items take just a few days to ship, while some handmade pieces can take up to two weeks. If you have questions, contact the maker.


Contact the maker for any custom request.

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