Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping online can be confusing. It's hard to get your questions answered without talking to someone in person. Below we've tried to answer some of the most common questions we get asked - but if you still have a concern, please feel free to reach out via our support e-mail, or by filling out the "contact us" form. We'll do our best to get you the information you're looking for!


When will my hat arrive?

We try to get your hats into the shipping process as quickly as possible, most hats will arrive within 2 weeks of when you place your order - but not all. This depends on if the hat you’ve chosen is in stock and ready to ship, or if it needs to be sewn up. Please be patient, as we are a small team.

If you have concerns about your shipping, feel free to reach out in the chat, found in the bottom

right corner of the page, or send us an e-mail to support@bartbridge.com .

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Can I get a patch on a different color hat?

It’s possible! We do have other colors available, and you can request to have a patch sewn onto a different hat color. Use the “add a note” section before check out to let us know what you’d like. If this color combo isn’t already in stock, please be patient while we put it together for you! 

Flat Brim Hat colors (if available) : Navy, Forest Green, Light blue, Kelly Green, Camo, Pink, Black, Hunter Orange, Yellow.

You can also request a "Low-Pro" hat if it is not listed as an option for the design you are looking for. Low Profile hats only come in the Heather grey with tan mesh color combination.

color options.JPG

What’s the difference between the Flat Brim and Low Pro style hats?

Both the Flat Brim and Low Pro style hats come in “Trucker Style” with the mesh back, and a snapback fixture to adjust sizing. Flat Brims have a flat bill, while the Low-Pro style has a slightly curved bill - but feel free to bend the bill of your flat brims yourself, with a little play you can shape it however you like! Low-Pro hats will have a shallower crown, and fits more snuggly to your head - also good for tiny heads!

Why does my hat look different than the one picture on the website?

Oops! Sorry about that! We are constantly designing, re-designing, and changing colors here at Bart Bridge. If you didn’t get the right hat, please let us know so we can correct this. Please note, that for various reasons some designs may be discontinued, or out of stock. If we can’t correct your order with an exchange, we will issue a refund.

Can you design a hat with my town?

We are always designing more location patches, and we’d love to hear about the places you like to represent! Fill out our “Suggest Your Town” form, and tell us a little about the location you’re suggesting. While we can’t make any guarantees that every suggestion will get made, we take all places into consideration when designing!

Do you make custom hats?

We do! Want your logo on a patch or pocket hat? Contact us to inquire about making customs. Please note that there are minimum order requirements, and varying design fees - we do not make ONE custom hat to order, as it takes a lot of time and effort to design each one. Thank you for your understanding.

Still have questions? Contact us.