Chico Pocket Hat

Chico Pocket Hat


Pocket Hats

All pocket hats include a hand-sewn pocket behind the patch. 

Pockets can fit debit/credit cards, ID, cash, Hotel Room Keys, Business Cards, fishing license, Clipper Card etc. 


These hats will save you all summer long when you’re out on the water or at the pool and you’re wearing a wet swimsuit or have no dry pockets. We used to call them the pool hats, but they’ve become useful just about anywhere you might want to be hands-free! Take them hiking, biking, paddleboarding, walk the dog, to the beach and more!


No use for the pocket? No worries, it’s still a pretty cool hat!


Bart Bridge is not an affiliate of the NFL, NCAA, NBA, MLB, NHL or any other sports organization. 

None of these products are themselves licensed by the team or league. We go to great lengths to avoid explicitly using the images and logos of players and teams.  As for items with the team logos, these are made with re-purposed shirts and patches.

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