Stash Cap Bring New Dimensions

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

The first thing I liked about Stash Cap was the old school gas-station style.  The Dubs, Town, and City collection will always be a go-to come game day.

The Dubs cap was one of the first pieces on the street that just read, 'DUBS.'  In a crowded sports bar these caps would stand out and were obviously the hottest gear during the Dubs initial accent.  At the time, people were still asking what 'DUBS' meant.

The Town hats of Oakland def have a throwback feel. The A's hat has a John Deere vibe that feels so rural, while the Town Raiders hat has an NWA 90's feel that is super urban.  Moreover, just like the 'DUBS' hats came out before the ubiquity of that moniker, so too did the 'TOWN' hats, seeing as Town gear is all the rage. Stash Cap continues to stay one step ahead.

On to the latest edition- the DubNation Sunset Pocket Cap.  First off, the hat itself feels indestructible. It's a super strong acrylic blend with a mesh back. The hat looks like it's made out of hemp, so it's casual enough to wear to the river, but the grain and strength make it look high-end, so you can wear it court-side.  Compliments abound when wearing this bad boy.

Oh, and did we mention the pocket?  All of the bigger image stash hats, including the Town and City caps, will have the secret pocket behind the logo.  I wonder when that little effect will be appropriated by the main-stream.

Word on the street is Stash Cap is branching out to non-sports pocket caps.  We'll let you know when those drop.

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