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Some of the most arresting art I've seen in a while.

Hoopla is on to something. I'm so in love with his hoops-as-art pieces. They are the most arresting pieces of art I've seen in a long time. I can see these on a wall in a TV room, behind a bar, even in a fancy hotel lobby. That's the genius of these pieces. The turquoise hoop with the gold and turquoise net looks like it belongs in an upscale hipster hotel in Santa Fe, while the deer skin hoop with leather net could be at a sports bar in Jackson Hole. I can't wait to see his first gallery exhibit of these bad boys. A whole room with walls covered in these. I will most definitely be bringing one of these home with me. I've never in my life been excited about investing in art before now; I really see these as a lens into the cultural zeitgeist, as art is supposed to do but often never does. It's collage pop-art, but fun and contemporary with firm themes. The right hoop placed in the right place is sure to be the focal point of a room.

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