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Patches for the DIYers, finally!

I have been asked so many times if we have patches on the BB marketplace, it's as if I don't even recognize what people are asking. You want to make your own gear? No Kidding!!!

Well, I've finally gotten the hint. Patches are here, and there is one patch maker in particular I'm super excited about. It's Bagger43.

Bagger43 (Dennis Brown) has a simple and clean collection of patches for the Bay Area's sports teams. If you haven't heard of this guy, please go check out his art. Though I'm gushing about his patches here, he is a real talent, and any chance you get to see an exhibit of his work, don't miss it. He is quite versatile as an artist, and for my money, he's one of the most exciting Bay Area artists out right now.

As for his patches, I love how clean and well balanced they are. Keeping details is tough with embroidery, but Bagger43 nails it as you can even tell what shoes the Seal and Elephant are wearing (Jordan XI?, the greatest shoe ever made).

From subtleties like shoes, or skates and cleats, to helmets hats and headbands, as well as the props, like pick axes and bats, each of these characters is a flawless logo for our favorite teams. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see these as alternate logos some day, they are that good.

As for all handmade designs on the BB Marketplace, nothing explicitly says the name of the team, or uses the logo, but there is no mistaking affiliation with these patches sewn on any piece. I'm so inspired by these designs, I can't wait to sew them on some gear to gift for the holidays.

Bagger43, I'm so stoked to have found your patches. I will def come check out your next art show.

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