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OG is for Olive Green, though it could be for Perfection.

For those in the know, the OG 107/507's are are the closest thing to perfection.

These are the field jackets that were worn by the US Military starting in 1952, and stayed in production until the woodland BDU took its place in the 80's. These field jackets come in 3 sizes: 13.5, 14.5, and 15.5. They are slim fitting (they fit great) and have a bit of a 1970's oversized collar. The material is my favorite part. It's soft, strong, (like really strong) and it doesn't wrinkle.

This is a perfect piece of clothing.

The Bart Bridge additions are just hand-picked fabric over the shoulders, front and back, often with the addition of a matching patch. As usual, the southwest-fabric hues lend themselves perfectly to the olive green color. It's as if these field jackets have always looked this way.

I wear these on the street and get stared at like a celebrity.

The trick is finding the one that fits you perfectly. Once you have it, this will be a piece you will keep and wear forever.

These are rare, much rarer than the woodland (camo) BDU's we've grown accustomed to in today's fashion scene, so know that when you find yours, others will not have access to that look. And that should make you smile.

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