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Oakland's Last Feel-Good Shirt

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Ken Kesey once wrote, 'Since we don't know where we're going, we need to stick together in case someone gets there.'

As two of Oakland's sports teams are gearing up to leave, this quote comes to mind when I think of being an A's fan. As Oakland continues to change, as speculation swirls about the A's new stadium location, as players we love get traded away, there is one thing about which I am confident. There will come a day, when someone in Oakland is having a tough time at the office, and he or she will decide in beautiful extemporaneous fashion, that they are sneaking out the back door, and heading for the ballpark to go watch the Oakland A's play a day game.

Waiting to greet this person will be a sea of like-minded people, sitting in the sunny bleachers, smiles on faces, beer in hands, and they will be wearing this shirt.

At least that's how I envision it.

This shirt brings me so much joy. It completely captures a feeling of just checking out from the daily to-do list and sinking into an almost day-at-the-beach like attitude. When I wear this shirt, I see others smile back at me, causing me to smile, and the feedback loop continues. Very few garments of clothing can do this. To have this shirt in your closet, to wear at your leisure, is akin to having a super power. This is a must have shirt for any and all Oakland residents.

The designer, Adam, from the local brand, The Girl And The Rhino, is a real creative and his other designs should also be checked out.

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