Lazy Susan's got me wanting to wear overalls.

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

It's February, which means the sun is out in the Bay.  And with all that sunshine, who wouldn't want to hit the street with Lazy Susan's repurposed overalls.  (By overalls, I mean any one-piece).  So far, we've only had a chance to see the women's line, but I hear some mens overalls will be out shortly, and I'm def grabbing me a pair.

It's no secret that Lazy Susan is part of the Taos crew, employing the ikebana fashion style to a T.  I'm seeing these overalls as definitive Oakland street style. They could be in a local fashion museum one day.  Almost more than the base that Taos and Taos's Cousin use (vintage camo and vintage jumpsuits, respectively) I see overalls as being a more foundational element in Oakland's famed street fashion of the past.  The best I've seen so far are the Niners overalls with the corduroy.  I like the bold colors and nostalgic feel of the thick-waled corduroy.  I also love that these can be stripped down from an outfit stand point.  Just add a pair of vans and hit the streets; it's effortless.

Additionally, I want to recognize the artists for making an effort to branch out to other teams.  I'm liking how we're keeping our Bay style, but giving love from So-Cal, all the way to Boston.  And while I'm at it, congrats to the Eagles! Can we get some Philly gear up on the marketplace already.  Oh wait, there is some Philly gear- did you catch the 76ers piece by Taos? I love that fabric!

I also want to recognize Taos's new Red Sox, Panthers, and Spurs pieces.  Like the 76ers piece, they seem to speak to the vibe of the team.

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