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King of the NorCal Decal is now on Bart Bridge.

This is the most excited I've ever been about adding an artist to the Bart Bridge Marketplace. As far as I'm concerned, our newest artist undoubtedly belongs on the Bay Area Mt. Rushmore of sports artists and designers. His name is John Hersey, and though he makes all sorts of art, he is best known for his ubiquitous 'dia de los' decals that pepper the back windows of Bay Area cars.

Those little sugar skulls that flank the backs and bumpers of our automobiles have become the cleanest, hippest, and most classy way to identify allegiance. It's how we differentiate the A's fans from the Giants fans, the Raiders fans from the 49ers fans, and even the star-crossed fans who affiliate with one City and one East Bay team.

When I first started looking for ways to show allegiance to my teams here in the Bay, corporate gear not withstanding, Hersey was the obvious choice. When the Giants started their string of rings in 2010, Hersey's Dia De Los Gigantes shirt was the coolest way to show the champs love. I have considered him a mentor of sorts ever since.

Over the years, though his oeuvre is sizable and swelling, his stickers have become sine qua non of Bay Area sports fandom. Save for a Giants hat, or a Curry Jersey, when playing Bay Area sports bingo on the way to work, spotting one of Hersey's stickers is the surest box to check.

What Hersey managed to capture is an essence that reverberates streets and sports bars here in the Bay. He tapped into a feeling that not only allowed people to show that they were a fan, but how they were a fan. To be a fan is not enough. There is a heterogenous array of reasons we root, and Hersey's art helped express this. His 'dia do los' series showed an appreciation of culture, art, inclusion, and style, all elegantly expressed without having to use a team name or logo.

I want to personally thank John for the inspiration he's given me to pursue my passion of making local art and design for my favorite teams. John is a Bay Area legend and deserves all the recognition he can get. I'm so excited to have his stickers in our Marketplace.

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