Eddie B is About to Tip the Scales

Updated: Apr 13, 2018

Eddie B is one of the most consistent makers within the fan-made community. I see his shirts at every game. They are simple, and are withstanding the test of time. The pop-art series with Warhol, Haring, Lichtenstein, and Fairey, is still as popular as ever. They are cerebral and good looking.

I respect the fact that he is always looking to improve. He has upgraded the quality of his shirts, branched out significantly regarding his color palate, and recently switched to the baseball 3/4 sleeve tee for the Curry and Durant Om designs. I also hear he's looking to move toward going 100% made in America for all of his products.

I like the simple approach to his images, as he avoids cliche allusions and doesn't goof around on photoshop too much. The silk-screened colors are very smooth, (see dub-nation sunset) and he's improved significantly in screening light colors on dark fabric (see Lichtenstein).

Though I'm not a trademark lawyer, I feel he does a great job of not explicitly using the logo of a team.  Without holding the viewers hand, he clearly demonstrates the affiliation of the image.  That's one of the most difficult parts of making these images; how do you make a shirt that represents a team without using the logo?

Now for the big reveal... Eddie B is about to drop a... Niners shirt.  You may say, Niners? Why now?

Well, Eddie said he kept hearing from girls and guys alike, that Jimmy G was, like, perfect, a perfect 10.  This happens to be his number. He also ended the season perfect while playing for the Niners. So he played around with this idea until he dialed in on a nickname for Mr. perfect, Jimmy G.

He settled on G-Perfect.  If the back of a jersey has a last name and a number, then this works perfectly in place of that.  Last name G, and Perfect to represent the number 10.

Joe Montana didn't need a nickname, 'cause his name was, ahem, Joe Montana!!!!!  Jimmy Garoppolo, however, is a bit of a mouth-full.  But G-Perfect?  With a whole off-season of perfection to ride, I think this name is a touchdown.

I believe this is going to be the hottest shirt to wear as next season approaches and the excitement builds for the Niners to begin their quest for 6 with a new captain.

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