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Decades Come Together Over Denim 2020

Every decade has a certain style that it evokes. And there are certain elements of that style that we can't seem to forget. Those are the pieces that we keep wearing. They are just iconic. With that said, Denim 2020 has teased out those element and somehow made them all fit together. Like so many pieces on the BB Marketplace, intellectually, it seems like a bad idea. But when I see it for the first time, I am moved. The juxtaposition of the iconography is just so provocative, and at the end of the day, it all fits together. How has no one else done this before?

So here's the recipe:

One part vintage denim jacket. That's the base. It screams 1980's.

Next, add flannel, a la Seattle grunge of the 1990's. However, the flannel is done in a color-block manner to emulate the hip-hop style of the 90's, so magically, both music movements are represented here. That subtle twist is a stroke of genius. Denim 2020 could have gone full yolk, like Taos does with the camos, but the alternate color block is key to the look of this piece.

Now, we couch a matching chenille letterman on the lower breast. Grease lightning, anyone?

1950, check.

To top it off, Denim 2020 has studded some of the collars. (When you order, you can ask for studs.) This takes care of the 1970, Punk movement. Patti Smith would be proud.

Wear this with Eddie B's new tie dye shirt, and you will have the 50's-90's covered.

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