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Benny the Bomber keeps the ikebana style, but simplifies it even more.

One of the main styles that weaves through the Bart Bridge Marketplace is that of ikebana.

Ikebana is the Japanese art of floral arrangement, where usually three elements are arranged together to make a simple yet incredibly powerful visual effect.

Ikebana is roaring back in popularity, partly due to Marie Condo's influence on the decluttering culture. And as the trend of achieving more-with-less flows into other fields of design, fashionistas have taken note.

The new bomber collection is similar to the woodland camos and the WW2 trench coats, but overall the look is less aggressive. The bombers are all vintage mechanics jackets, the type you see on workers on the runway at airports, or your local auto shop.

They are a staple of working class style, where function trumps form. This muted landscape creates the perfect opportunity for Benny the Bomber to find his signature style. With the addition of a splash of fabric, and a patch, these jackets are transformed into works of art.

The first run in the collection is all southwest in style. But the Burberry themed bomber shows that more fabric is on the way. I can't wait to see if Benny will go full color block or adjust the stripe placement for a less symmetrical look that is currently so popular.

I also love how the collarless style lends itself so well to wearing a hoodie underneath. I see myself walking up to a Giants game with this jacket, a grey hoodie under, blue jeans, tennis shoes, and SF hat. Thats almost a witness-protection level of bland, but with that splash of color, you're the most fashionable person at the game.

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